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Hong Chiang Technology's Food Belt Conveyor Trains

Hong Chiang Technology Co., LTD is a sushi belt conveyor train manufacturer from Taiwan. Hong Chiang Technology's food belt conveyor train is suitable for using in restaurants. It helps restaurant owners to reduce labor costs. Along with food conveyor belt train manufacturing, the conveyor belt is also suitable for magnetic object display, which attracts more sales.

Hong Chiang Technology has been offering our customers industrial belt conveyor trains for Sushi Conveyor Belt since 2004. With both advanced technology and 15 years of experience, Hong Chiang Technology always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Sushi Conveyor Belt


Single And Double deck conveyor belt styles
Single And Double deck conveyor belt styles

Hong Chiang offers “Sushi Conveyor Belt” which makes food or objects rotating via chains of conveyor belt. Due to this function, customers are able to choose the dishes or commodities by their seats or at fixed points easily.

From the normal “Chain Conveyor Belt” to the special “Magnetic Conveyor Belt”, conveyor belt is not only used for traditional conveyor belt sushi but also for hot pot, dim sum, desserts, BBQ, etc. It is also suitable for exhibition, commodities showcase and automation industry!


  • New trend is different from tradition.
  • Beautiful and well organized.
  • Easily adapt to corner space.
  • Use as a general desktop.
  • Optional cool lighting design.
  • Diversified material selection.
  • Easily adapt to corner space.
  • Meal keep circline more convenient for customers to take.
  • Diversified material selection.
  • Reduce in-store personnel costs and delivering risks.

Hong Chiang offers two types of sushi conveyors:

1. Magnetic Conveyor Belt: Dishes or objects rotate continuously on the conveyor via magnetic suction. The countertops come with various materials, such as wooden, natural stones, artificial stones, glasses, metal, acrylic and etc., and you could decide it according to your style.

2. Chain Conveyor Belt: It is the most common seen and used among the restaurants. Dishes or objects can be placed on the top of the crescent cover which are dragged by chains underneath. The material of crescent covers can use plastic or metal, or you may customize different surface treatments, such as matte, embossing, paste processing, color painting and etc., which could fulfill with your business needs.

You could choose your conveyor styles according to your space availability and presenting your dishes or objects to the customers in a better way.

Moreover, Sushi Conveyor can adapt in various locations, such as restaurants, show case, industry distributions and etc.

1. For restaurants: Sushi Shop, Hot Pot, Shabu Shabu, Dim Sum, Sweets Shop and etc., it is suitable for restaurants which offer diverse selections. Customers can choose dishes they like by seats, and staffs can supply dishes in the kitchen easily.

2. For Business: Window Showcase Display, Art Exhibitions, Show Room Display and etc., the moving presentation can demonstrate multiple objects while guests stand fixed in one spot. The dynamic presentations are much more vivid and alive than static presentations, and vistors can check out items from different angles.

3. For Industries: Industry Parts distributions, Quality Opt and etc., it can enhance assemble or parts select speed and save more time from manual handling. Collocating with fully automatic factories can even improve production capacity, get the job done quicker and on time.

Magnetic Conveyor belt

Chain Conveyor belt

  • Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt - Stone Magnetic Induction Sushi Conveyor
    Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt
    Innovations of Sushi Conveyor Breathe New Life into Rotary System

    Magnetic Conveyor belt, also known for Chainless Conveyor Belt, using magnet suctions to rotate plates on the countertop, magnet is hiden under the plate so it looks like magic power drives plates moving on the table.The countertop for “Magnetic Induction Style” comes with various materials, such as: wooden, natural stone , artificial stone, glass, metal, or acrylic…etc., highly customized based on restaurant design.The countertops of Magnetic Conveyor belt can also add light effect, use IC to control lighting and change lighting color, which could improve restaurant ambiance and provide amusing feelings to the patrons.Magnetic Conveyor belt is both useful and decorative, it becomes a piece of art in your store or kitchen when you are not using it, it also can be a just a fasion table.

  • Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt - Sushi Chain Conveyor Single Deck style
    Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt
    Ingenious device is delivering food to diner's table, an entertainment component to the restaurant

    Chain Sushi Conveyor belt is the most common seen equipment in the sushi restaurant, by connecting each crescent chain to form a complete set of sushi conveyor.“Chain Sushi Conveyor belt” can also be used in other types of restaurant which have already had an example like hot pot and cheese, the conveyor belt also has numerous economic uses, such as exhibition, or transportations.Chain Sushi Conveyor belt has 3 different types:1. Single-Deck Chain Sushi Conveyor: This is very common and basic conveyor belt, can be customized according to the size of food and restaurant.2. Double-Decker Chain Sushi Conveyor: Double-decker sushi conveyor not just deliver more dishes, you can categorize different type of food into to different area on coveyor belt.3. Hot & Cold Double-Decker Chain Sushi Conveyor: By implementing insulations for dishes, the warm food can be kept in constant temperature while raw food will be kept in fresh!To summarize Hong Chiang's Chain Sushi Conveyor belt system:

  • Optional Function Of Sushi Conveyor Belt - Optional Equipment of Sushi Conveyors
    Optional Function Of Sushi Conveyor Belt
    Optional accessories for optimizing your conveyor

    Hong Chiang helping every customers with their new restaurants, we offer accessories for Sushi Coveyor Belt and Automated Delivery System, such as freezing plates, plate washing machine, sushi freshness system, belt transfer system, hot water system, and sushi plate slot system…etc. Using these system make your restaurant more convenient and technological.

  • Sushi Plate Washing Machine - Sushi Plate Washing Machine
    Sushi Plate Washing Machine
    The Most Smart Sushi Plate Washing Machine

    Plate Washing Machine for sushi resturant can wash the sushi plates more quickly anf fast. It absolutely can be your restaurant's helper!This plate washing machine can set automatic or semi-automatic to fit with your usage habit.It also design safety model to avoid any accident.