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Bullet Train Delivery System (Sushi Train)” and “Sushi Conveyor Belt Manufacturer - Hong Chiang Technology

Based in Taiwan since 2004, Hong Chiang Technology Co., LTD is a restaurant automatic system manufacturer that is specialized in providing conveyor belts for sushi bars and dine in restaurants, as well as straight line and turnable high-speed sushi trains. For sushi conveyor belts, there are magnetic, chain, optional and sushi plate. They also have food delivery robots and ordering systems.

Sold in over 40 countries, Hong Chiang has been focusing on various automated system development to help different restaurants and other industries reduce labor costs and increase competitive capacity. The unique ability to design and innovate new equipment for Automated Food Delivery System, especially “Bullet Train Delivery System (Sushi Train)” and “Sushi Conveyor Belt”.

Hong Chiang Technology has been offering customers restaurant automated system since 2004, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, Hong Chiang Technology ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Sushi Conveyor Belt
    Sushi Conveyor Belt

    Hong Chiang offers “Sushi Conveyor Belt” which makes food or objects rotating via chains of conveyor belt. Due to this function, customers are able to choose the dishes or commodities by their seats or at fixed points easily. From the normal “Chain Conveyor Belt” to the special “Magnetic Conveyor Belt”, conveyor belt is not only used for traditional conveyor belt sushi but also for hot pot, dim sum, desserts, BBQ, etc. It is also suitable for exhibition, commodities showcase and automation industry!

  • Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt
    Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt

    Different from the traditional chain conveyor, Hong Chiang's "Magnetic Conveyor" can be used in multiple ways to make your store more beautiful! Our professional technical design makes the magnetic induction to be installed in the hidden tracks under the table surface to keep the tabletop clean and flat. It is not only convenient for staffs to clean up, but also erase the worries about food/foreign objects accidentally falling into the gaps in the chain to breed bacteria. The smooth tabletop not only retains the original conveyor function, but also fliexible to do lighting design customization. The light and color change can be controlled through Control panel. The whole system can not only make your store trendy, but also create different atmosphere as you like! Meanwhile, the "Magnetic Conveyor" can be used in a variety of applications. The applications are from small-scale display to the catering food conveyor. There are also many kinds of materials of desktops to choose from, ex: rough stone, artificial stone, glass, wood... etc., let's customize your own style!

  • Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt
    Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt

    Chain Sushi Conveyor belt is the most common seen equipment in the sushi restaurant, by connecting each crescent chain to form a complete set of sushi conveyor.“Chain Sushi Conveyor belt” can also be used in other types of restaurant which have already had an example like hot pot and cheese, the conveyor belt also has numerous economic uses, such as exhibition, or transportations. Chain Sushi Conveyor belt has 3 different types: 1. Single-Deck Chain Sushi Conveyor: This is very common and basic conveyor belt, can be customized according to the size of food and restaurant. 2. Double-Decker Chain Sushi Conveyor: Double-decker sushi conveyor not just deliver more dishes, you can categorize different type of food into to different area on coveyor belt. 3. Hot & Cold Double-Decker Chain Sushi Conveyor: By implementing insulations for dishes, the warm food can be kept in constant temperature while raw food will be kept in fresh! To summarize Hong Chiang's Chain Sushi Conveyor belt system:

  • Optional Function Of Sushi Conveyor Belt
    Optional Function Of Sushi Conveyor Belt

    Hong Chiang helping every customers with their new restaurants, we offer accessories for Sushi Coveyor Belt and Automated Delivery System, such as freezing plates, plate washing machine, sushi freshness system, belt transfer system, hot water system, and sushi plate slot system…etc. Using these system make your restaurant more convenient and technological.

  • DIBAI YO SUSHI (Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    DIBAI YO SUSHI (Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    Who says that the turntable must be very Japanese? Middle East Dubai customer "YO! SUSHI" has created a self-style sushi chain conveyor restaurant by having special design on the sushi plate, lid and bubble chandeliers in the store! To make the most of the system, Hong-Chiang always customizes the equipment based on store's layout. We work together with the customer to create a different style. From the shushi chain, the fresh food can be delivered to the customers' hand fast and efficiently. Making the most satisfaction to customers' taste buds without interruption!

  • Shiwuwan (Food Delivery System/Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Shiwuwan (Food Delivery System/Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    Shiwuwan separate the space to conveyor belt sushi area and automated sushi delivery area, different sushi deliver way leads to different dining preference. Conveyor belt combines with automated food delivery system provides better dining experience. When holiday comes, restaurant always suddenely full of starving guests when the restaurant business hours start, sushi on the conveyor belt can let guest grab some food to eat first while browsing on the tablet menu. There is no waiting time caused, and also prevent bunch orders go into kitchen simultaneously to delay the preparation of the meal. Once cook in the kitchen finished the meal, put on the food delivery train and it will deliver the meal to diner's table right away. Servant is gradually replaced by automated food delivery system, and this makes sure the meal is at its best condition to be delivered to diners' table. Automated food delivery car can deliver any food at any temperature, even liquid can be sent to diner's table safely without spilling. 0 meal spilling and 0 deliver mistakes raise diners eating satisfaction.

  • USA Akarii Revolving Sushi (Food Delivery & Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    USA Akarii Revolving Sushi (Food Delivery & Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    Akarii Revolving Sushi, located in Texas, not just a traditional conveyor belt sushi restaurant, apart from conveyor belt system, it also installed automated food delivery system. With the combination of new and old, Akarii Revolving Sushi is able to let the elders not only maintain the familar impression toward traditional sushi restaurant, but learn how the technology influences and changes the food service industry. Young people are even more able to handle the new way of dining experience and indulge in its convenience. Servers who are usually appear to deliver meals in traditional restaurant can be hugely declined, servers in technologic restaurant can provide more humane table service instantly. The obvious change in food service industry that technology brings in not just the working efficiency but the service quality.

  • SUSHIPLUS (Food Delivery System/Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    SUSHIPLUS (Food Delivery System/Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    Sushi Express sets to redefine the sushi conveyor belt dining experience with the launch of Sushi Plus in December, 2019. True to its name, “Sushi Plus” offers a variety of sushi PLUS a lot more… from sashimi, donburi, udon, fried food items to kushi (grilled skewers). Sushi Plus features a wide selection of authentic Japanese cuisine, in a modern, high-tech Japanese concept featuring a state-of-the-art ordering system. Diners place orders via qrcode scanned by their cell phone and order from online menu, and automated food delivery bullet train will send the meal right to diner's table. To ensure diner pick up the dishes from conveyor belt before going bad, there is IC chip on the bottom of the plate so that old dishes can be put away automatically. By delicately balancing quality with affordability, Sushi Plus aims to be the pinnacle of casual dining for Japanese cuisine.

  • Kanazawa Maimon Sushi (Magnetic& Express Food Delivery)
    Kanazawa Maimon Sushi (Magnetic& Express Food Delivery)

    Kanazawa Maimon Sushi from Japan always wins the highest evaluation in the high-end conveyor belt sushi industry, but also is known as the favorite conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Kanazawa in Japan. Maimon Sushi chose Taipei as its first overseas branch and has already opened in July. Different from other common sushi conveyor belt restaurants, Kanazawa Maimon Sushi use magnetic conveyor sushi belt and express laneway food delivery system with mobile and tablet ordering system. Customers don’t need to worry they can’t get the dishes they like, and don’t have to waste their time to wait waiters. Customers can get popular dishes faster and has more time to enjoy sushi. Restaurant staffs are able to concentrate on improving meal and service quality. As COVID-19 epidemic is still severe all around the world, unmanned food delivery must be the main trend in current and future catering industry without doubt. Automated food delivery system with smart ordering system can greatly reduce the chance of contact between personnel and meals! Let Hong Chiang help you create a safe dining environment, feel free to contact us.

  • SWEDEN SUSHI YAMA(Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    SWEDEN SUSHI YAMA(Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    Sushi restaurant franchise SUSHI YAMA had opened their new sushi restaurant using Hong - Chiang's elegant glassy silestone magnetic induction sushi conveyor belt on January 2017! Whether you live in Sweden or on tour, stop by Sushi Yama Kaiten to be surprised by the stylish interior and the gourmet food~Hong Chiang Technology has successfully assisted many domestic and foreign restaurant operators to transform into smart restaurants. If you want to open a new restaurant or let your own restaurant keep up with this wave of technology, please contact us.

  • USA K&L 98 Hotpot(Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    USA K&L 98 Hotpot(Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    The "K & L 98 Hotpot n 'Grill" uses the turntable to create a non-stop rotation full of magic magical sense! The "K & L 98 Hotpot n 'Grill" uses the stone magnetic induction conveyor which is built by HONG CHIANG Technology Industry! There are many kinds of food turning in the turntable. The guests can be free to pick up what they want in their seats to experience the most unique in Asia Hot pot dishes! The "K & L 98 Hotpot n 'Grill" also serves self-service barbecue. It's fun for guests to pick food to barbecue in the stone magnetic induction conveyor! What are you waiting for? Let's go to "K & L 98 Hotpot n 'Grill" for a great meal!

  • XM Hot Pot(Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    XM Hot Pot(Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    The full of technology Hot Pot Restaurant is open inTainan ! The MagneticConveyorBelt is an innovative system which is different from the traditional Chain Conveyor Belt and has a beautiful and trendy style. It not only hides the track below, but also make the table more clean. The stylish appearance is the best choice for conveyor belt ! The XM Hot Pot uses the material of the stainless steel tabletop, the stain will not penetrate into the surface of the material, its smooth and lasting, and the practical sense is greatly improved. Hong Chiang Technology has successfully assisted many domestic and foreign restaurant operators to transform into smart restaurants. If you want to open a new restaurant or let your own restaurant keep up with this wave of technology, please contact us.

  • Nakayoshi Sushi(Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Nakayoshi Sushi(Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    Nakayoshi Sushi is different from traditional rotary sushi restaurant using connected crescent chain to rotate sushi, it uses upgraded magnetic conveyor belt instead. The brand new magnetic conveyor belt makes the sushi plate rotate mysteriously on the countertop by hiding the magnet under the plate, and the traditional chain conveyor belt is not easy to clean up when food drops between the crescent chain, but magnetic conveyor belt conquers the problem for its smooth countertop. The magnetic rotary countertop can be customized according to the theme of the restaurant, Nakayoshi Sushi uses black engineered stone for countertop to create the Japanese fashion style.

  • Volcano Hot Pot & BBQ (Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Volcano Hot Pot & BBQ (Magnetic Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    Volcano Hot Pot & BBQ, located across the street from Old Town in Kissimmee, is very spacious and clean and have a variety of fresh ingredients to choose from the magnetic conveyor belt. At the dining table you each have your own soup pot and also one grill to share for the bbq. The idea of combining hot pot and barbeque is clever and innovative, all ingredients can be cooked in two flavors, getting more choice to dine in is a good place to have a family and friends reunion. Volcano Hot Pot & BBQ installed magnetic conveyor blet rather than crescent conveyor belt to make the food looks more neat and appealing to diners and easier to clean up when someone drops the food on the countertop. The magnet is hidden under the plate, it looks like it's magic that rotate the plates to make people get together to be curious and have intension to go dining in the restaurant.

  • CMC Corporation-SUPER VERYCA- Food Car
    CMC Corporation-SUPER VERYCA- Food Car

    Speaking of Sushi Chain conveyor, do you only think of a picture of dining in a restaurant? If you think that the sushi chain can only be seen in the restaurant, then you must check this special project Hong Chiang worked together with CMC Corp.! This unique Food Car applies the automated system on a commercial van! Making the little VERYCA become the most special Food Car! It not only integrates promotions and topics, but also highlights self-characteristics. This kind of customize deisgn is very suitable for commercial, industrial activities, and truck business parters! Hongjiang Technology's automated system can be customized according to various scenario, and the application is extremely flexible.

  • Upot Hot Pot(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Upot Hot Pot(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    Unique Taiwanese hot pot with impressing chain conveyor has already been rising of a curtain at SingPost in Singapore and brings a touch of warmth! “Upot” from Taiwan uses the chain conveyor with cold system built by Hong-Chiang Technology Industry. Let various of food is showed in front of customers directly so customers can feel free to pick any food they like at their desks! All they need is just reaching out! Importantly, different from other traditional conveyor hot pots, “Upot” chooses the “cold system” which refrigeration temperature can be controlled in 2~5°C in order to assure the freshness of food all the time. What are you waiting for now? Let’s enjoy great and authentic Taiwanese hot pot at SingPost Centre!

  • Conveyor Belt Yakiniku (Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Conveyor Belt Yakiniku (Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    The first conveyor belt yakiniku restaurant in Taiwan finally opened in July in 2020. Different from traditional yakiniku restaurants, customers can enjoy yakiniku alone. Of course, sharing with friends is also a good choice! In traditional yakiniku restaurants, food ingredients are usually ordered and delivered by waiters or taken by customers. “Conveyor Belt Yakiniku” uses Hong Chiang’s “Chain Conveyor Belt” with “Cold System” as its delivery equipment. Cold system can keep food ingredients in the proper temperature so that customers can enjoy the freshest food without any health concerns. Customers don’t have to waste time waiting severs and are able to pick up the meat, sea food, vegetables and anything they prefer by seats. As result, it can shorten customers’ dining time, and rise the turnover rate! In addition, severs are able to increase their work efficiency as they can supplement ingredients in kitchen directly. The amount of ingredients can be adjusted by severs to prevent wastage and ingredient costs are also controllable! Conveyor belt yakiniku restaurants will become the new trend in catering industry absolutely. Welcome to contact Hong Chiang to get more information!

  • Yan-Xiang Ting Restaurant(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Yan-Xiang Ting Restaurant(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    With Hong Chiang’s charming chain conveyor and great chef’s wonderful dim sum, Yan-Xiang Ting is waiting for you to come and enjoy the best dim sum at Lane Park by CMP in Taichung. Yan-Xiang Ting is the only Hong Kong-style dim sum restaurant with creative conveyor belt. The food here is developed by 2 famous chefs so you may enjoy the most authentic Hong Kong-style cuisine. Using stainless chain on this conveyor, it presents both classical and modern tones. You will be surely addicted to the dim sum rotating on the conveyor. Don’t forget to visit Yan-Xiang Ting when Taichung Jazz Festival is held on October.

  • Iro Sushi(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Iro Sushi(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    The Chain sushi conveyor belt, designed and developed by Hong Chiang Technology, delivers fresh sashimi to the guests through the rotary bar; the custom-made rotator is contrasted with the lively discs, and the cover is kept fresh. Make the food more delicious and bright, and increase the willingness of guests to eat. The hot water system connected to the rotary bar allows you to drink hot water.

  • Hi Sushi (Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Hi Sushi (Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    The Hi Sushi Restaurant in Yonghe, New Taipei City, opened in mid-June 2015. The turntable is made of wood grain paint and is matched with a wood grain table of the same color, which gives off a thick Japanese flavor. Not only sushi, sashimi, risotto, soup are available. The price ranges from 30 yuan to 300 yuan, which can satisfy the taste of each customer.

  • Xihua Sushi(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Xihua Sushi(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    SIWA Sushi is located near Yonghe Park No. 4 in New Taipei City. The stainless steel conveyor system is equipped with wooden desk and open cabinet to show different Japanese Sake in authentic Japanese style. It can be satisfied with a variety of customers from price NT$30 to NT$300 in each plate.

  • Koura Sushi(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Koura Sushi(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    KOURAKU Kaiten Sushi Crown store was opening at Xinzhuang District in New Taipei City in the end of May. Japanese hot pot is combined with Sushi for TECO Group catering business in new types of food and beverage. It’s easy for customers to drink tea by stainless steel conveyor system with hot water system setting up on the desktop. All attendant in the restaurant can arrange the seat more efficiently.

  • Hassan Nasser cupcake(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Hassan Nasser cupcake(Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    This cupcake restaurant is located in Dubai shopping mall. The restaurant’s main color are white and pink which goes with stainless steel conveyor belt. This restaurant plays a lively atmosphere by putting delicious cupcakes on the conveyor. It also enhance customers visual feast when they are having the meal.

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