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Hong Chiang Technology Display Conveyor Service Introduction

Hong Chiang Technology Industry Co., LTD is Taiwan Display Conveyor supplier and manufacturer with more than 15 years experence. Since 2004, in the Conveyor Belt Sushi & Automatic System & Restaurant Industry, Hong Chiang Technology has been offering our customers high quality Display Conveyor production service. With both advanced technology and 15 years experience, Hong Chiang Technology always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Display Conveyor
    Display Conveyor

    Display conveyor makes viewers easily see all the products by standing on one spot, it's very functional when the room is crowded with people.Normally, products are displayed on the display shelf or table, and customers will need to constantly move their steps to see every detail of the products.By applying Hong Chiang's Display Conveyor, the products become alive! You will be able to display numerous products on the conveyor for continuous demonstration, and they will only need to stand on one fixed spot to view them all.Hong Chiang's Display Conveyor can be installed in the company, department store, jewelry store, show room, exhibition booth …etc., which is extremely helpful for marketing advertisements. Break the traditional ways of bored presentations to more fun and dynamic demonstrations will appeal to more prospect and increase purchase.

  • Magnetic Display Conveyor
    Magnetic Display Conveyor

    The track of Magnetic Display Conveyor is hidden under the table, so the countertop looks very smooth and gorgeous. When the products put on the Magnetic Display Conveyor, the visitors will notice the conspicuous appearance of products without doubt.You also can choose different countertop materials to match your products for better visual effect and presentation result.Moreover, the transportation can be customized, either a straight line or S shapes tracks is possible, your products will put up a great show with this system.

  • Disc Display Conveyor
    Disc Display Conveyor

    Disc Display Conveyor is suitable for almost every kind of product display, and no limitation of volume or weight. It is a smart choice of moving presentation for variety of exhibitions.Hong Chiang’s Disc Display Conveyor is fully customizable and the display objects can be any size and weight! Disc Display Conveyor is using disc carrier to transport your merchandise, it is very common in exhibitions and showcase!For the clothing shops, the manikin can be placed on the round tray, presenting your merchandises dynamically for better interactions and fun. For the suitcase shops, your merchandises will reveal their own texture and promote their own self-value. For the exhibition, this system can even endorse different nature of the products for their own characteristics.Therefore, Hong Chiang’s Disc Display Conveyor is perfectly made for adapting various business requirements, and will provide you the best user experiences.

  • Chain Display Conveyor
    Chain Display Conveyor

    Chain Display Conveyor is the perfect combination of a crescent chain track and display conveyor. The chain is the display, crescent Chain Display Conveyor is a unified style and interlocking continuous uninterrupted. So there will be no vacant problem with placing goods or display.On chain conveyor moving presentation, the crescent top are perfectly fitted on rail. You can put the exhibits directly on the crescent top without additional base plate, which gives you more flexibility in display arrangement.Chain Display Conveyor can be set in all kinds of exhibition stands, department stores, shopping windows, private showrooms… etc., which are suitable for promoting various merchandises such as 3C products, fashion dresses, glasses, watches, shoes, auto-parts... etc.

  • Customer Case Study - Herbal Material Biological Technology (Magnetic Display Conveyor)
    Customer Case Study - Herbal Material Biological Technology (Magnetic Display Conveyor)

    Herbal Material Biological Technology Co.Ltd is located in Nantou, Taiwan. The combination of natural environment and green building is integrated with the concept of returning to nature and enjoying the power of plant healing. The products in the park are not only traditional. The products placed in the park are not only placed in the general display window, but also placed on the "Magnetic Display Conveyor" with special magnetic induction.The skin care products are clean and beautiful with the display conveyor table top. The products can run continuously with the rotary table. In the process of purchasing, customers can complete the selection as they like, not only to make the selection of the moving line smoother, but also to improve the cleanliness of the store environment!The design of the magnetic rotary table can make the product more prominent, and create more topicality, which is very suitable for all kinds of small products.Hong Chiang Technology has successfully assisted many domestic and foreign restaurant operators to transform into smart restaurants. If you want to open a new restaurant or let your own restaurant keep up with this wave of technology, please contact us.

  • Customer Case Study - Pier2art(Chain Display Conveyor)
    Customer Case Study - Pier2art(Chain Display Conveyor)

    How can you imagine that efficient automatic equipment has relationships with art?It is integrated overall design of science and technology in Moving Conveyor System.Furthermore, it presents a new style of art. Every creator’s efforts make people stop, admire, precipitation, thinking in the Pier-2 Art Center.The moving conveyor system operates smoothly and steady everyday during the show in Pier-2 Art Center.Those memories will stay on visitor's mind.

  • Customer Case Study - Taxi Museum(Chain Display Conveyor)
    Customer Case Study - Taxi Museum(Chain Display Conveyor)

    The latest attraction in the summer of 2019 is - "Taxi Museum" The world's first unique taxi museum is located in Suao The museum director said In addition to promoting the taxi culture, he also wants to further enhance the dignity of the taxi driver's work. After these drivers have dignity, they will also be self-disciplined to improve service and driving quality. This time, in cooperation with Hong chiang Tec , provide chain display conveyor to visitors with an intelligent experience. Not only did the taxi models of various countries be more interesting under the chain display conveyor, but also provided a new place for holiday parent-child activities.

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