Automated Express Food Delivery System


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Hong Chiang Technology's Food Belt Conveyor Trains

Hong Chiang Technology Industry Co., LTD is a sushi belt conveyor train manufacturer from Taiwan. Hong Chiang Technology's food belt conveyor train is suitable for using in restaurants. It helps restaurant owners to reduce labor costs. Along with food conveyor belt train manufacturing, the conveyor belt is also suitable for magnetic object display, which attracts more sales.

Hong Chiang Technology has been offering our customers industrial belt conveyor trains for Automated Express Food Delivery System since 2004. With both advanced technology and 15 years of experience, Hong Chiang Technology always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Automated Express Food Delivery System


Food Delivery System_Bullet Train Style
Food Delivery System_Bullet Train Style

Automated food delivery train takes the place of food runner totally. Automated train never gets tired of delivering dishes, never slow down the speed to the diners' table. Once setting up, machine never go wrong, never spill full glass of water. 100% effort with 0 error that's what human can't achieve. Automated food delivery train carries any food, cheese, cakes, sushi, hot pot, noodle bowl.


  • Any type of restaurant is workable
  • Food deliver to designated table in seconds, maximize table turnover
  • Never spill drinks
  • Decrease the personnel cost by 50%
  • Avoid any accidents caused by manual delivery
  • Fashion, interesting, and eye-catching
  • Easily blow up social media by customize your own automated train

Hong-Chiang's express food delivery system can be divided into several categories according to different needs:

1. Straight Line Bullet Train Delivery System : Each express sushi train is specialty, including Shinkansen, High Speed Rail, Mini Cooper, Van...etc., This express sushi train can also be customized according to restaurant surroundings, interior design, brand image, or any specific desires. Using express sushi train can provide customers with visual sensations along with interesting interactions during food delivering and upgrade the dining experiences to the next level.We can provide you with reasonable commercial space utilization based on your store design.

2. Turnable Bullet Train Delivery System: To adapt various space availability, Hong-Chiang also offers turning express sushi trains. We can provide special designs based on different floor plans, and the turning express sushi train can be customized according to customer's desire or interior style, too.

3. Express Food Delivery Conveyor Belt: Hong-Chiang offers express food delivery lane system, using motor to power the food conveyor belt and delivering objects or meals to the designated location. The objects can be in various shapes, and the delivery is steady and fast!

Hong-Chiang's Automatic Express Delivery System can be applied in not only restaurants but also other multiple industries, such as industry parts transportation, logistic arrangements, and mail distributions…etc. This automatic express delivery system can help owners decrease personnel cost, shorten the delivery time, reduce the overall working hours, and improve the operational efficiency!

New Technology!Intelligent Restaurant Automation

The most trendy of the automatic food delivery system!

  • High Speed Sushi Train & Food Delivery System (Straight Line Type) - Fun dining system can increase interaction with guests.
    High Speed Sushi Train & Food Delivery System (Straight Line Type)
    Wow Customers Through a Technological Restaurant Guest Experience

    Bullet Train Delivery System'(Sushi Train)uses latest WiFi, infrared, and wireless battery charging technology to implement the automated food delivery process from kitchen to diner's table. Infrared technology settting in food delivery train detects plates taken off and auto-return to kitchen without pressing any button. Automated food delivery train charge automatically with no cable required after serving food and back to the kitchen.Automated food delivery train enables voice and light notification, when it has reached destination, it will light up and tell customer that the food has arrived. Speed of delivery also can be adjusted according to different type of food being served and custom-made train shell into other vehicle design like car, ship and rocket. Hong Chiang provides highly customizable automated food delivery vehicle design to fit in with the theme of client's restaurant, client can hand in the restaurant design layout for further discussions.When food runner is replaced by automated food delivery system, cook spend less time comunicating with staff and is always on the same page with HMI, save time and avoid delivering the meal to the wrong table.To summarize Hong-Chiang's " Bullet Train Series " system:

  • High Speed Sushi Train & Food Delivery System (Turnable Type) - Turnable Sushi Train
    High Speed Sushi Train & Food Delivery System (Turnable Type)
    Suitable for bar type and multi-corner restaurants.

    Turnable Sushi Train to adapt various space availability, turning express train special designs can be customized according to customer's desire and interior style with multiple turns.Its using the concept of a pallet truck to design the delivery car, and based on the size of delivery objects to propose two types of delivery car, We have two style which is “Maglev Delivery System” and “Flat Car Delivery System”.Maglev Delivery System can put two sushi plates, which is perfect for small dishes, such as sushi, side dishes, or middle size drinks…etc.Flat Car Delivery System can deliver larger plates or heavy objects, such as Ramen, seafood combo, or Chinese cuisine…etc.Turnable Sushi Train also has far infrared technology to recall the car, turning the delivery into fully automated.To summarize Hong Chiang’s Turnable Sushi Train:

  • Express Food Delivery Conveyor Belt - Express Food Delivery Lane
    Express Food Delivery Conveyor Belt
    Food delivery train system with lane belt which provide best efficiency.

    Express Food Delivery Conveyor Belt can be applied in varies ways, without the space restrains from the delivery tray, the delivery lane handles multiple products at the same time. Express Food Delivery Conveyor Belt delivers products to the pre-setup tables, it’s very fast and convenience.By using Express Food Delivery Conveyor Belt will increase the delivery pace in the restaurants, saving delivery time and personnel cost, which is the best way to improve the economy efficiency. Total restaurant cost will be decreased dramatically, and service satisfactions will also be improved by deliver speed!Advantages of using Express Food Delivery Conveyor Belt :

  • Optional Function Of Sushi Train System - Tech Chip Module
    Optional Function Of Sushi Train System
    By integrating latest wireless technology will help you to achieve the dream of tech-restaurant!

    By choosing our patented wireless control upgrade module, wireless charging system, and LED headlights, will bring the tech-fashion into your restaurants or companies, providing better dinning or delivering experiences. You can combine the Tablet Ordering System make your ordering process no longer cumbersome and improve efficiency!