• High profit, Low cost, and efficiency!
    High profit, Low cost, and efficiency!
  • Attracting ! Elegant !  Magnetic Induction Style
    Attracting ! Elegant !
    Magnetic Induction Style
  • Shorten the Gap Between Dinners & Dishes
    Shorten the Gap
    Dinners & Dishes
  • Increase Effectiveness

Welcome to Hong-Chiang Technology Industry Co., LTD

Hong-Chiang has focused on automatic system, including Express Sushi Train, Sushi Conveyor Belt, kaiten-zushi , Ordering System, Moving Presentation, Sushi Machine, Food Delivery Systems, welcome to contact us.

Hong-Chiang uses automatic equipment to increase your competitivity and lower labor costs. Our equipment can not only be used for food industry, but also other general ones, such as industrial automation and exhibitions. Help you catch up the main trend, creating new Blue Ocean.

The automatic equipment produced by Hong-Chiang can not only be applied to restaurants, but also to factories, clothes, luxuries, accessories for dynamitic presentation. Its applications are very wide-range.

Using AUTOMATIC EXPRESS DELIVERY SYSTEM can improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, lessen the impact of the new government policy, and guide a new future of businesses!

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Hot Products

  • Express Sushi Train (Shinkansen)
    Express Sushi Train (Shinkansen)

    Diners can enjoy the fresh food quickly. It can not only reduce the personnel cost, but also raise the rate of turnover to create numerous profits.

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  • Magnetic Induction Conveyor System
    Magnetic Induction Conveyor System

    Different from traditional chain-conveyor style, Magnetic Induction Conveyor System apply magnet technology to sushi conveyor industry.

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  • Ordering System
    Ordering System

    The best personnel cost saving tablet ordering system can help you with seat leading, ordering and food deliverying. And support iOS and Android!

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