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Bullet Train Delivery System (Sushi Train)” and “Sushi Conveyor Belt Manufacturer - Hong Chiang Technology

Based in Taiwan since 2004, Hong Chiang Technology Co., LTD is a restaurant automatic system manufacturer that is specialized in providing conveyor belts for sushi bars and dine in restaurants, as well as straight line and turnable high-speed sushi trains. For sushi conveyor belts, there are magnetic, chain, optional and sushi plate. They also have food delivery robots and ordering systems.

Sold in over 40 countries, Hong Chiang has been focusing on various automated system development to help different restaurants and other industries reduce labor costs and increase competitive capacity. The unique ability to design and innovate new equipment for Automated Food Delivery System, especially “Bullet Train Delivery System (Sushi Train)” and “Sushi Conveyor Belt”.

Hong Chiang Technology has been offering customers restaurant automated system since 2004, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, Hong Chiang Technology ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Automated Express Food Delivery System
    Automated Express Food Delivery System

    Automated food delivery train takes the place of food runner totally. Automated train never gets tired of delivering dishes, never slow down the speed to the diners' table. Once setting up, machine never go wrong, never spill full glass of water. 100% effort with 0 error that's what human can't achieve. Automated food delivery train carries any food, cheese, cakes, sushi, hot pot, noodle bowl.

  • Sushi Aboard (Food Delivery System)
    Sushi Aboard (Food Delivery System)

    There is a key to make reducing personnel expenses, solve recruitment difficulties, improve topicality, and reduce personnel droplet contact all in one. And that key is to have Hong Chiang's automated food delivery system! Our customer Sushi Aboard introduced the very first Shinkansen food delivery system in Vancouver, Canada. Not only has it greatly increased the topicality on social media, via installing the transparent acrylic cover, the epidemic can also be prevented while delivering! With the automated food delivery trains, waiters no longer need to walk around with plates, consumers can enjoy fresh food delivered to the tableside directly. By replacing staffs food delivery job, the staffs do not have to be busy delivering meals while providing services, thus, more time can be spared in serving higher quality service. This kind of Shinkansen automated food delivery train can be customized according to the color or theme of the store, so that each restaurant can have its own theme highlighted. The manager can save time, save personnel costs, and at the same time increase the table turnover rate for the industry!

  • Katana Sushi  (Food Delivery System- Turnable Type)
    Katana Sushi (Food Delivery System- Turnable Type)

    The absolute advantage of automated food delivery system is that it can help the owners get rid of the difficulty of recruiting personnel, improve the efficiency of food delivery, and enhence the service quality. North Europe countries have been facing the lower birth Rate and aging society difficulty for years. Understanding this intractable problem, our Norway partner Katana Sushi, which we have been cooperating with for a long time, been applying Hong Chiang's automated food delivery system in its branches. Regardless of the size of the store, the Turnable type food delivery system can exert the greatest usage in the most limited space and deliver meals to every seats in different location. Having the automated system takk the place of the waiter to deliver meals, you can not only save time recruiting staffs, increase service quality, but also let the customer dining in high-tech environment. "High-tech dining, Service quality, and Meal delivery efficiency", let's work together to have your restaurant 3 in 1!

  • "GyuhachiWagyu" Yakiniku House (Food Delivery System- Turnable Type)
    "GyuhachiWagyu" Yakiniku House (Food Delivery System- Turnable Type)

    Since years ago, some of our customer already expect the trend of unmanned and automated restaurants in the future. Thus, many of them has been using Hong Chiang's automatic food delivery equipment in stores. This time we are going to introduce Hong Kong’s "GyuhachiWagyu" Yakiniku House! Each branch of "Gyuhachiwagyu Yakiniku" has its unique theme. This time, the theme that we worked out it the "Aviation"! Because of the epidemic, many friends have not taken a plane for a long time. By dining in "Gyuhachi Express," you can imagine yourself enjoying the yakiniku inside the airplane. Getting into the restaurent, you will receive your "boarding pass" indicating your seats. The meal will be delivered with the automated express tray which lead by the airplane model. Above the center of the restaurant is the boarding indications and you will receive broadcasts from the captain of the restaurant from time to time during the meal. You can really feel like you are having an in-flight meal on an airplane. The most important thing is that "Niu Ba Express" also installed protective baffles around the "Gyuhachi Express" also considered the impact of the epidemic, built the prevention Acrylic board between each seats, creating the safe and contactless (zero contact) environment the automatic food delivery system, allowing guests to have a meal and enjoy a flying journey!

  • Wagyu Yakiniku Ichiro (Contactless Food Delivery- Turnable Type)
    Wagyu Yakiniku Ichiro (Contactless Food Delivery- Turnable Type)

    Located in the heart of buzzing Jordan, Wagyu Yakiniku Ichiro takes an unconventional design approach compared to typical ‘Yakiniku’ dining spots. Despite sushi cuisine, Hong Chiang’s automated delivery system can be used in other cuisine such as yakiniku, ramen, hotpot and so on. In this case, we cooperated with Yakiniku Ichiro located in Hong Kong, building the Food Delivery System (Bullet Train System) with virus-prevented cover above the conveyor. This kind of contactless delivery system design can not only assure the freshness of the food, but also provide the dining safety to customers. If you love Japanese Yakiniku too, make sure Yakiniku Ichiro is in your list when you visit Hong Kong!

  • Genki_sushi (Food Delivery System)
    Genki_sushi (Food Delivery System)

    Have you heard the Japanese cuisine even in Hawaii? Yes, our customer Genki Sushi applied Hong-Chiang's automated food delivery system(Bullet Train System) with tablet ordering system. We work together to create the most efficient dining envirionment to the customer from stepping into the store, ordering, till food deliver onto table. The intelligent automatic food delivery system with ordering system, allowing guests to order directly after they are seated. By linking the system with kitchen, it saves the waiting time of calling the waiter to the table and reduces unnecessary staff consumption and time waste. The intelligent automatic meal delivery system can also be customized according to the color theme of the store, so that each restaurant can highlight its own characteristics, while saving time, effort and low cost! To increase the table turnover rate, the staffs do not need to waste their efforts on the delivering meals and provide more immediate service.


    When talking about the most cost proformence steakhouse in Taiwan, WANG YEN must be one of them! Being the leading creative reataurant, WANG YEN combine Hong-Chiang's Food delivery Robot with the special internal design to make the full atmosphere of the dining environment like in the space! WANG YEN steakhouse-ZhuBei branch uses Hong-Chiang's Food delivery Robot, sucessfully make itself from traditional steakhouse into automated hi-tech restaurant! Changing into automated system not only helps the restaurant get rid of worrying labour lackage, but also create another trend and topic on the internet. Because of the special design with new technology, the customers come to visit from word-of-mouth and media report. Sucessfully attrract more customers and re-visit possibility.

  • Belt Basket Delivery System
    Belt Basket Delivery System

    Are your staffs still running between tables and kithcen area? Have you even think that you can make the table cleaning time less then 1 minute? Our Belt Basket Delivery System is your best assistant to save time in cleaning and delivering used-tablewares from table to kitchen! By using the built-in belt, the staff only need to put the basket onto the conveyor, and the basket will be delivered directly into kitchen for cleaning! Moveoever, the system is built inside the cabinet, the top of the cabinet can be used normally, make sure no wasted space! With the Belt Basket Delivery System, no more rush, no more slippery, no more wasted time!

  • Modeling reference-Fashionable & Stylish Delivery Car
    Modeling reference-Fashionable & Stylish Delivery Car

    Fashionable and trendy Delivery Car creates a whole new visual experience for you! Exclusive color matching and styles make your restaurants, shops and companies more unique and extraordinary, and also create the hottest topics. This stylish delivery car can be customized according to your demands, including changing its exterior. Totally meet your expectations!

  • Modeling reference-Speedy Racing delivery car
    Modeling reference-Speedy Racing delivery car

    Experiencing the speed of delivery racing car! You will not only enjoy the gourmet food but also the visual feast! You can choose your favorite racing car team, and we can design the delivery car accordingly. Delivery racing car which is classic absolutely can be fully customized, and its unique style will make your restaurant special and help you build up a dream restaurant!

  • Modeling reference-High-Speed Bullet Train Delivery Car
    Modeling reference-High-Speed Bullet Train Delivery Car

    Bullet Train Delivery Car is one of the most popular styles for restaurants. Just let it also become your icon, and catch railfans’ hearts. When having delicious cuisine, you can see the fashionable Super Express running on your table at the same time. Enjoy the feasts for you and your eyes! There are several styles can be chosen, and you may also pick any color you like. It’s totally customization!

  • Modeling reference-Classic and Vintage Bus
    Modeling reference-Classic and Vintage Bus

    Wrapping up in the elegant atmosphere of Classic and Vintage Delivery Car, just put you in a good mood~ Lovely and charming Retro Van makes meals vivid. Can’t stop ordering cuisines since clumsy look of this cute van makes people want to look at it again and again. There’s somehow a healing effect to everybody. There are multiple matching colors and unlimited quantities for choice, and they will become the feature of your restaurant!

  • Modeling reference-Maglev Delivery System
    Modeling reference-Maglev Delivery System

    Flatbed Car Delivery Food System can deliver any food, drinks, soup without spilling them when rounding corners. The amounts of its pallets and bases (where put plates) are freely to be reduced or increased, so you could arrange them just according to your demand. The delivery spots can be set accurately. So, labor costs would be lowered, and thus increasing revenues.

  • Modeling reference-Flat Car Delivery System
    Modeling reference-Flat Car Delivery System

    Flat Car Delivery System could deliver many items at the same time. It is definitely the best helper of your restaurant! Without any risk of spilling, it can carry soup and drinks very steadily. Accurately positioning the delivery spots, returning automatically, reducing labor costs, and increasing sales and revenues.

  • Type reference-Express Food Delivery Lane
    Type reference-Express Food Delivery Lane

    Straight track design, the meals are delivered in a straight line, and the meals are delivered more quickly and smoothly. Guests can enjoy more honorable and fast service, making the delivery of meals not only more efficient but also fun.

  • Sakuya(Automatic Tray Serving Delivery Lane)
    Sakuya(Automatic Tray Serving Delivery Lane)

    Characteristic: When chef finish the set meal, they only need to press the appointed table number. The customer can receive their set meal on their dining table.It can reduce the time which employee go back and forth to the kitchen side. Besides, it has the reservation function to avoid waiting for customer taking the set meal (this restaurant uses 3 set meal reservation).When the customers take their set meal, the delivery tray system will deliver the next order automatically.

  • Sakana Grill Japanese restaurant(Food Delivery System)
    Sakana Grill Japanese restaurant(Food Delivery System)

    The Sakana Grill Japanese restaurant in Canada has been the preferred restaurant for Japanese restaurants in the Calgary region for the past ten years. The restaurant offers a vibrant interior environment that combines delicious sushi and sashimi selection with the highest quality dining experience. Each dish is carefully crafted by experienced chefs in the restaurant. This year, the pioneering trend of the "unmanned restaurant" trend was to transform the original traditional human ordering and delivery mode into a "Automated delivery system" and a "Tablet ordering System" combined with the technology. It has improved the shortcomings of manpower shortage and venue meal restriction. In the future, when customers dine, there is no need for service personnel to assist the tablet ordering function. It is also more convenient because of the track delivery, which greatly improves the performance of the restaurant. The combination of the two systems is also It enables the owners to see the reports in the cloud, and then control the dining conditions of the restaurant, making the efficiency of dining and production even better! Hong Chiang Technology has successfully assisted many domestic and foreign restaurant operators to transform into smart restaurants. If you want to open a new restaurant or let your own restaurant keep up with this wave of technology, please contact us.

  • Locofeast Bullet train and formula 1 theme resturant (Food Delivery System)
    Locofeast Bullet train and formula 1 theme resturant (Food Delivery System)

    The Loco Feast theme restaurant in Chennai, India, uses the “Automated Food Delivery System” of Hong Chiang Technology. It is the first theme restaurant in India with bullet train and Formula 1 Food Delivery System. Upon entering the restaurant, you will see the modeling bullet train and Formula 1. The Automated Food Delivery System makes the meal delivery program no longer just a traditional service staff to deliver food, the transportation process becomes more technological, and also adds a lot of fun, in addition to reducing the manpower delivery time, you can also Allow service personnel to have more time to serve customers, so that service quality can be greatly improved! It also allows customers to immerse themselves in the magical world of cool self-propelled trains and speed racing cars. Hong Chiang Technology has successfully assisted many domestic and foreign restaurant operators to transform into smart restaurants. If you want to open a new restaurant or let your own restaurant keep up with this wave of technology, please contact us.

  • Zhuhai Xiangzhou Le Restaurant (Food Delivery System)
    Zhuhai Xiangzhou Le Restaurant (Food Delivery System)

    Le restaurant faces ocean in Zhuhai, with natural enviroment surrounding, ocean style blend into the restaurant. Le customize food delivery train into aircraft carrier to ship the meal to diner's table, the wall inside of the restaurant is dark blue and the whole decorations on wall and every corner in the restaurant are creatures you can see in the ocean, just like dining in the deep sea. Le restaurant provides chef's tasting menu, one aircraft carrier ships 6 delicate dishes fast and steadily, with aircraft carrier's help, Le can wholely pay attention to prepare and cook meal, just put it on the ship for deliver after the meal is finished cooking. Automated food delivery system adopted in Le restaurant, make staff management easier to control, no food runners needed anymore!

  • HEIROKU SUSHI (Food Delivery System)
    HEIROKU SUSHI (Food Delivery System)

    HEIROKU Sushi, which started in 1967 owns 50 restaurants in hokkaido and northeast of Japan now. This October, HEIROKU Sushi has opened its first overseas branch in Taichung,Taiwan. Different from Japanese local restaurants using conveyor belt system, Taichung branch shows the combination of tradition skill and modern technology, automated food delivery system with tablet ordering system enables customers get their food even faster! You won't need to worry about popular sushi is never coming to your table.Tap on the tablet, order 10 plates of hot meals at a time will never be a problem.The unique food delivery racing car and rockets are always ready to serve!

  • SUSHI WAY  (Food Delivery System)
    SUSHI WAY (Food Delivery System)

    When Technology Meets Humanity - Personalized stellar service Diners place orders through self order tablets and wait for the automated vehicle serving food once meal is ready. When these steps are performed by AI technology, restaurant server is able to provide more personalized customer service at table. Collect patrons' dining preferences and suggest items from the e-menu that the customers may enjoy. Patrons get their meals faster and steadier than human staff serving, make sure the food is steaming hot all the way through from the moment it is cooked to the moment it is served. No gap between cook and HMI(Human Machine Interface), taking misunderstandings off the agenda. Cook and HMI are always on the same page, save time and avoid the mistake of delivering the meal to the wrong table.

  • Shiwuwan (Food Delivery System/Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Shiwuwan (Food Delivery System/Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    Shiwuwan separate the space to conveyor belt sushi area and automated sushi delivery area, different sushi deliver way leads to different dining preference. Conveyor belt combines with automated food delivery system provides better dining experience. When holiday comes, restaurant always suddenely full of starving guests when the restaurant business hours start, sushi on the conveyor belt can let guest grab some food to eat first while browsing on the tablet menu. There is no waiting time caused, and also prevent bunch orders go into kitchen simultaneously to delay the preparation of the meal. Once cook in the kitchen finished the meal, put on the food delivery train and it will deliver the meal to diner's table right away. Servant is gradually replaced by automated food delivery system, and this makes sure the meal is at its best condition to be delivered to diners' table. Automated food delivery car can deliver any food at any temperature, even liquid can be sent to diner's table safely without spilling. 0 meal spilling and 0 deliver mistakes raise diners eating satisfaction.

  • H.K New Railway Hot Pot (Food Delivery System)
    H.K New Railway Hot Pot (Food Delivery System)

    H.K Railway Hot Pot space is not big, they install one track and two rockets to run on both sides of the track to deliver meals to the whole restaurant guests. The Rocket can deliver a huge ship with full hot pot foodstuffs in it, every time the rocket go to diner's table, it delivers not only food but diners' expectation and surprise. With automated food delivery system, food is deliverd right after being prepared. Simmering pot is still hot when it goes to diner's table, and the foodstuffs and ingredients which just grabed from the refrigirator is also cold fresh when diner receive them. The efficiency of delivering meal raises the food quality and 0 delivery mistakes leaves good impression on guests. It's easy to set up and use automated food delivery system, and it can work for 7/24, the staff training cost, staff schedule management and salary is not generated, which makes management far more simple than traditional restaurant.

  • Akarii Revolving Sushi (Food Delivery System/Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)
    Akarii Revolving Sushi (Food Delivery System/Chain Sushi Conveyor Belt)

    Akarii Revolving Sushi, located in Texas, not just a traditional conveyor belt sushi restaurant, apart from conveyor belt system, it also installed automated food delivery system. With the combination of new and old, Akarii Revolving Sushi is able to let the elders not only maintain the familar impression toward traditional sushi restaurant, but learn how the technology influences and changes the food service industry. Young people are even more able to handle the new way of dining experience and indulge in its convenience. Servers who are usually appear to deliver meals in traditional restaurant can be hugely declined, servers in technologic restaurant can provide more humane table service instantly. The obvious change in food service industry that technology brings in not just the working efficiency but the service quality.

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