Pier2art (Chain Display Conveyor)

Arts, humanities and automatic systems. New style of Hong Chiang conveyor system in Pier-2 Art center. / We focus on Automatic System of restaurant, including Sushi Train, Sushi Conveyor Belt, Tablet Ordering System, Display Conveyor, Sushi Machine, Food Delivery System, Sushi Machine, Sushi Plates, Welcome to contact us.

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Pier2art (Chain Display Conveyor) | Bullet Train Delivery System (Sushi Train)” and “Sushi Conveyor Belt Manufacturer - Hong Chiang Technology

Based in Taiwan since 2004, Hong Chiang Technology Co., LTD is a Pier2art (Chain Display Conveyor) | restaurant automatic system manufacturer that is specialized in providing conveyor belts for sushi bars and dine in restaurants, as well as straight line and turnable high-speed sushi trains. For sushi conveyor belts, there are magnetic, chain, optional and sushi plate. They also have food delivery robots and ordering systems.

Sold in over 40 countries, Hong Chiang has been focusing on various automated system development to help different restaurants and other industries reduce labor costs and increase competitive capacity. The unique ability to design and innovate new equipment for Automated Food Delivery System, especially “Bullet Train Delivery System (Sushi Train)” and “Sushi Conveyor Belt”.

Hong Chiang Technology has been offering customers restaurant automated system since 2004, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, Hong Chiang Technology ensures each customer's demands are met.

Pier2art (Chain Display Conveyor)

How can you imagine that efficient automatic equipment has relationships with art?

It is integrated overall design of science and technology in Moving Conveyor System.

Furthermore, it presents a new style of art. Every creator’s efforts make people stop, admire, precipitation, thinking in the Pier-2 Art Center.

The moving conveyor system operates smoothly and steady everyday during the show in Pier-2 Art Center.

Those memories will stay on visitor's mind.

Arts, humanities and automatic systems. New style of Hong Chiang conveyor system in Pier-2 Art center.


Customizable and the display objects can be any size and weight!
Disc can be customized
Neat and smooth.
Display different styles of goods.
Add interest and technology.
Countertop material can be selected.
Suitable for small goods display.


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