A soft opening of Yiji Sushi began on July 10th in Taichung!


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Hong Chiang A soft opening of Yiji Sushi began on July 10th in Taichung! Introduction

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A soft opening of Yiji Sushi began on July 10th in Taichung!

2018/07/12 Hong Chiang

Yiji Sushi is a whole new brand of a famous catering group, and there’s a trial run recently.

Architecture concrete building is the most eye-catching. Just like you were in Japan! Although the prices are affordable, the food is still fresh and delicious. Yiji Sushi’s service is also perfect and even better than many similar chain brands!

Yiji Sushi’s store is very wide and can accommodates hundreds of guests. In this situation, when the store is full of people, customers will have to wait for ordering for a period time. Therefore, Yiji Sushi uses Hong-Chiang’s “ordering system” and there’s at least one tablet on each table. All customers have to do is moving their fingers! Customers can also find their meal serving progress and amount of consumption!

“Tablet Ordering System” can increase staffs’ work efficiency and avoid outfield confusion. Besides, “Ordering System” can also reduce the time customers waiting so that restaurant owners will have chances to serve more guests!

Feel free to contact Hong-Chiang if you’d like to reduce labor costs and increase profit~