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Hong Chiang Technology Sushi Conveyor Service Introduction

Hong Chiang Technology Industry Co., LTD is Taiwan Sushi Conveyor supplier and manufacturer with more than 15 years experence. Since 2004, in the Conveyor Belt Sushi & Automatic System & Restaurant Industry, Hong Chiang Technology has been offering our customers high quality Sushi Conveyor production service. With both advanced technology and 15 years experience, Hong Chiang Technology always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Sushi Conveyor belt
    Sushi Conveyor belt

    Hong- Chiang offers continuous moving Sushi Conveyor for customers who like to pick out their desire dishes or objects. Hong Chiang offers two types of Sushi conveyors: “Magnetic Conveyor belt” and “Chain Conveyor belt”. Magnetic Conveyor belt uses magnetic suction to transport dishes or objects continuously on the conveyor. The countertops come with various materials, such as: wooden, natural stone, artificial stone, glass, metal, or acrylic…etc., and you could decide according to your style. Chain Conveyor belt is very common seen and used among the restaurants, dishes/objects could be placed on top of the crescent cover which are dragged by the chain underneath. The crescent cover’s materials could be plastic or metal, or be customized using different surface treatments, such as: matte, embossing, paste processing, color painting…etc., which could fulfill with your business needs. You could choose your conveyor styles according to your space availability, and presenting your dishes or objects to the customers in a better way.

  • Magnetic Conveyor belt
    Magnetic Conveyor belt

    Magnetic Conveyor belt is different than Chain conveyor belt. By using magnet suctions to transport plates on the countertop, just like a table, smooth and shine. The countertop for “Magnetic Induction Style” comes with various materials, such as: wooden, natural stone , artificial stone, glass, metal, or acrylic…etc., up to your choices based on stare or restaurant design. The countertops of Magnetic Conveyor belt can also be light embedded, using IC to control the blinking of lights and color change, which could promote the environment and provide different feelings for the customers. Magnetic Conveyor belt is the most changeable conveyor system, it becomes a piece of art in your store or kitchen when you are not using it, or it can turn into a table for regular use.

  • Optional Equipment of Sushi Conveyors
    Optional Equipment of Sushi Conveyors

    Hong Chiang helping every customers with their new restaurants, we offer accessories for Sushi Coveyor Belt and Automated Delivery System, such as freezing plates, plate washing machine, sushi freshness system, belt transfer system, hot water system, and sushi plate slot system…etc. Using these system make your restaurant more convenient and technological.

  • Success Stories - Gatten Sushi
    Success Stories - Gatten Sushi

    Gatten Sushi, the best 10 conveyor sushi in Japan, finally choose Neihu as their first store in Taiwan. There are over a hundred Gatten Sushi stores in Japan. After a period of preparation, they finally open the first store in Taiwan formally. Although Gatten Sushi is a conveyor sushi store, the food is still very fresh, delicious and there are various of dishes for choice. Hong-Chiang not only provides traditional chain sushi conveyor, but also adds an express food delivery lane on the upper deck. Customers can get the freshest food and don’t have to wait the dishes on the conveyor anymore! Moreover, installing the core of automatic delivery system—ordering system makes the process of delivery more efficient! To people who love sushi a lot, don’t miss this new and popular Gatten Sushi from Japan in Taiwan~

  • Type reference-Stone Magnetic Induction Sushi Conveyor
    Type reference-Stone Magnetic Induction Sushi Conveyor

    The deliciated STONE MAGNETIC INDUCTION SUSHI CONVEYOR applied the magnetic force can be used to spin food or products, and allows them to revolve around. It is the perfect way to improve your restaurant or shop's class. Multiple kinds of stones and light effects would present conveyors' different dimensions. It could easily create your own restaurant/shop style, and enable consumers to experience different feelings.

  • Type reference-Stainless Steel Magnetic Induction Sushi Conveyor
    Type reference-Stainless Steel Magnetic Induction Sushi Conveyor

    STAINLESS STEEL MAGNETIC INDUCTION SUSHI CONVEYOR could establish Minimal, Modern or Industrial style. Makes your restaurant’s style consistent, presenting a sense of freshness. Stainless steel is easy to clean. Dirt does not penetrate to its surface, so the tabletop would keep smooth and long lasting new.

  • Type reference-Sushi Chain Conveyor Single Deck Styles
    Type reference-Sushi Chain Conveyor Single Deck Styles

    Let the most best-selling SUSHI CHAIN CONVEYOR SINGLE DECK STYLES creates your own special revolving restaurant! Tracks and crescent chains can be customized according to your needs. Make your conveyor become the icon of your restaurant. This creative presentation would be the hottest topics among people, and your restaurant would be more crowed! If restaurant be applied to conveyor equipment, the turnover rate could be increased and labor costs would be lowered. When coupled with tablet system, the whole operating costs will be reduced, revenues improved, and higher sales boosted!

  • Type reference-Sushi Chain Conveyor Double Deck Styles
    Type reference-Sushi Chain Conveyor Double Deck Styles

    SUSHI CHAIN CONVEYOR DOUBLE DECK STYLES could deliver more meals, and makes the food look more abundant and diverse. Many track materials and chain patterns you can choose. It can satisfy your restaurant’s style, create featured restaurant, attain more costumers, and boost the sales. You can also upgrade it to the Insulating sushi chain conveyor which can keep freshness of delicacy!

  • Type reference-Sushi Chain Conveyor Hot & Cold System
    Type reference-Sushi Chain Conveyor Hot & Cold System

    This system can keep the freshness and heat of food. It also the best-selling type in the western world. The refrigerating temperature is 2~5°C, and the heating temperature 40~50°C. Offer food with its appropriate temperature!

  • Success Stories-KSIH Sushi
    Success Stories-KSIH Sushi

    This restaurant is run by Japanese chef. You can enjoy the local Japan style from meal to decoration in APARE. APARE adopts three different delivery food system- running sushi system, MRT delivery food type and Shinkansen delivery food type. It enriches the dinning environment.

  • Success Stories-SUSHI YAMA
    Success Stories-SUSHI YAMA

    Sushi restaurant franchise SUSHI YAMA had opened their new sushi restaurant using Hong - Chiang's elegant glassy silestone magnetic induction sushi conveyor belt on January 2017! Whether you live in Sweden or on tour, stop by Sushi Yama Kaiten to be surprised by the stylish interior and the gourmet food~

  • Success Stories-Chinamotor sushi conveyor truck
    Success Stories-Chinamotor sushi conveyor truck

    Hong Chiang Technology bring the truck into the new image. The concept is combine truck with sushi conveyor belt system together. This mobile sushi conveyor truck also has refrigerated cabinet, storage place, dining table. It can widely use in the night market, scenic spot, tourist spot, metropolitan region, industrial region or any crowded area. It does not limit by the time and place. This mobile sushi conveyor truck will let you stand out from the crowded for sure.

  • Success Stories-Iro Sushi
    Success Stories-Iro Sushi

    The Chain sushi conveyor belt, designed and developed by Hong Chiang Technology, delivers fresh sashimi to the guests through the rotary bar; the custom-made rotator is contrasted with the lively discs, and the cover is kept fresh. Make the food more delicious and bright, and increase the willingness of guests to eat. The hot water system connected to the rotary bar allows you to drink hot water.

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