Taing-Tong Hot Pot restaurant

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Taing-Tong Hot Pot restaurant - Taing-Tong(Hot Pot restaurant)
  • Taing-Tong Hot Pot restaurant - Taing-Tong(Hot Pot restaurant)

Taing-Tong Hot Pot restaurant

Tablet Ordering System

Tablet Ordering System - Taing-Tong Hot Pot restaurant

Tian-Tong Hot Pot restaurant is a well-known hot pot restaurant in Taiwan. It is mainly concentrated in northern Taiwan. It made of fresh Food and five kinds of exclusive soup in the hot pot, so every gourmands can enjoy the freshest Food and wonderful soup. A rich and delicious meal!

In 2017, Tian-Tong Hot Pot imported the “ Tablet Ordering System” and “Automated Food Delivery System”, which is a new style of innovative hot pot restaurant!

Import into the "Tablet Ordering System" speeds up the ordering of meals, and the error rate of eating is also reduced, which saves them a lot of labor costs, which is the most effective way to reduce labor costs in the modern restaurant !

The following is the interface design and operation interface of Tablet Ordering System for Tian-Tong Hot Pot restaurant, which can be completely customized for each different restaurant.

Tian-Tong Hot Pot restaurant Tablet ordering system interface design reference example

For reference only, please do not download and spread

Tablet ordering system Interface design


▲Go to the ordering page


▲ Ordering Homepage


Main meal - Meat meal


▲Main meal - Seafood meal


▲Double meal


▲Special Crab-An introduction to the meal can be made next to it.

Special meals or special promotions can be a separate page


▲Single meal selection - the product name can be presented in text alone

Order process design(Combo meal guide meal design)


▲Choose the main meal


▲Choose the Hot Pot soup


▲Choose the Side dish


▲Choose the Combo meal detail (Press to confirm and send out)


▲Comfirm the meal and total amount


▲After confirming the order and sending it out, the kitchen tablet ordering system will receive the meal and prepare for the meal.

sky_tone_hot_pot_FOOD_DELIVERY_TRAIN_SYSTEMThe Automated Food Delivery System with Tian-Tong Hot Pot.


1.Unique image menu design
You can design your own menu style to show your brand concept and style. You can update store activities from time to time, and manage the store operation easily !

2.Standard 3 languages interface
Preset Chinese, English and Japanese language menus, you can also add any language in any country! Foreign tourists can order food easily, In the future, it makes your oversea expansion easier!

3.Suitable for all types of restaurants
The system supports up to 14 major categories multiply 9 small categories = 126 pages menu to meet your various restaurant menu demand!

4.Easy for marketing
In addition to ordering, you can rotate advertising content, such as: corporate philosophy, business stories, good deals, promotions, full interactive games,etc.

  • Modern Tech-Ordering
  • Seat Leading, Ordering, Delivering,All in One
  • Ease in Adding and Removing Orders / Discount
  • Attractive Menu Display
  • Easy Data Analysis
  • Over 3009 restaurants User Experiences

Taing-Tong Hot Pot restaurant-The Classic and tasty Hot Pot

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Taing-Tong Hot Pot restaurant - Taing-Tong(Hot Pot restaurant)
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Tablet Ordering System

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