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Hong Chiang Technology's Food Belt Conveyor Trains

Hong Chiang Technology Co., LTD is a sushi belt conveyor train manufacturer from Taiwan. Hong Chiang Technology's food belt conveyor train is suitable for using in restaurants. It helps restaurant owners to reduce labor costs. Along with food conveyor belt train manufacturing, the conveyor belt is also suitable for magnetic object display, which attracts more sales.

Hong Chiang Technology has been offering our customers industrial belt conveyor trains for restaurants since 2004. With both advanced technology and 15 years of experience, Hong Chiang Technology always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Factory Guide

Minimalist industrial style, factory comfort and freshness.

Hong Chiang Technology has always focused on environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction, and follows the “Less is more” advocated by the German designer “Ludwig Mies van der Rohe”, so our factory and the office uses the most minimalist industrial style, showing beauty in simple architectural lines.

The appearance and interior of the factory are both black and white as the main color of color matching. The space design is simple, and each department is separated by a comprehensive glass. Visual penetration creates a sense of space!

The exterior gate is designed with long pine blossoms to make the company green; the interior design also incorporates natural elements such as stone walls and wooden wind walls to enhance the natural feeling through natural elements, so that colleagues can feel fresh and natural while working, and their thoughts are clear.

The company has a show room , customers can go to the show room to experience the real-time operation of each series of products, let the products live in front of the customer, is also the most direct experience marketing!