Sushi Plate Slot System Solution Project


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Hong Chiang Sushi Plate Slot System Solution Project Introduction

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Sushi Plate Slot System Solution Project

The System collect the plates after eating
The System collect the plates after eating

When the guests finished the meal, is it quite unsightly to face the stacked plates on the table top of the restaurant?
The secret of the system not only makes the dining table more tidy but also reduces the time for the service staff to recycle the disc. More importantly, the shy customer can keep the secret of the food how many they eat!


  • Project: kaiten sushi
  • Seating capacity: 60 people(Single table: 28 people,Four seater table: 32 people


  • Sushi Plate Slot System:"Sushi Plate Slot System" helps the restaurant to maintain the table tidy. To reduce the table services; to reduce the cost of labor costs! Guests can put their dishes into the "Sushi Plate Slot System" set in the front of each seat before guests can finish after the meal into the closing system, so that the desktop clean and dirty!

The dishes that have been eaten by the guests are collect in the waterways in the automation equipment. When they are thrown into the waterway, they will be collect with the water flow to the kitchen port. The infield service personnel only need to arrange the collected dishes in the automatic dishwasher, in addition to saving labor costs. It also allows guests to interact with the restaurant autonomously.

Before VS After Comparison

  • Before Adoption:The customer's dining table is untidy, and the service personnel need to come to the recycling tray, resulting in an increase in service labor costs. If many customers will not be able to take care of the guests' needs and cause unnecessary customer complaints.

  • After Adoption:The finished dish can directly enter the equipment waterway. In addition to making the restaurant more tidy and the tabletop can be kept clean at any time, the customer's good sense of the restaurant can be greatly reduced, and the service manpower cost can be greatly reduced. The service personnel do not need to recycle the disk. Directly put the dishes in the kitchen port directly into the Plate Washing Machine to sort and clean. The whole meal process allows customers and service personnel to use their food and operation.

Video Resource:TV Asahi Corporation


Restaurant: Sushi Store, hot pot restaurant, barbecue restaurant...etc.

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