Ramen noodle restaurant Solution Project


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Hong Chiang Ramen noodle restaurant Solution Project Introduction

Hong Chiang Technology Industry Co., LTD is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Conveyor Belt Sushi and Automated Food Delivery Industry. Hong Chiang has been offering our customers high quality Automatic system, Sushi Conveyor, Conveyor belt sushi, Sushi Train, Display Conveyor, Express delivery system, Made in Taiwan, Sushi machine, Tableware, Optional equipment, Order system since 2004. With both advanced technology and 14 years experience, Hong Chiang always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Ramen noodle restaurant Solution Project

Automatic Ramen noodle restaurant
Automatic Ramen noodle restaurant

After Ramen noodle restaurant adopted automatic delivery food system, it doesn’t need staff to help the customer to order the meal and deliver the meal for them. It decreases the personal cost obviously.

Restaurant layout
  • Project: Ramen noodle restaurant
  • Equipment measurement: 11 x 4 m
  • Seating capacity: 32 people

 Restaurant layout

  • Ordering System: Customers only need to touch the tablet to order the meal step by step. This information will deliver to kitchen side directly. The ordering food process is easy and quick. When food is ready, the tablet will pop up the message to notice the customer. Owner can understand customers’ preference from system data to adjust the menu. Besides, the menu content can also be changed easily to attract customer’s attention.
  • Automatic delivery food system: After chefs prepare the meal, they only need to put the meal on the food delivery car and press customers’ table number. The food will be delivered to the appointed table number directly.


Before VS After Comparison
  • Before the implementing of automatic delivery food system

Traditional processes of Ramen noodle restaurants, it needs staff to order and deliver ramen. During the peak time, the staff cannot focus on providing excellent quality service. It will also elevate the risk to make noodles or soup spill from the bowls. Most owners will hire more waiters to reduce these human errors; however, this not only increases the human cost but also causes the profit falling.

 Before the implementing of automatic delivery food system


  • After the implementing of automatic delivery food system

HONG CHIANG Technology improves traditional Ramen noodle to become automatic restaurant including ordering system, automatic delivery food system etc. The advantages are shown as below.

    1. Decrease service staff cost and reduce human error possibility.
    2. Increase turnover rate and customer satisfaction.
    3. Owner will receive the customer preference to adjust the menu and price strategy.
    4. Customers are satisfied with having the meal in the automatic restaurant. Increasing customer retention can lead to an increase in profits.  

 After the implementing of automatic delivery food system



Ramen Restaurant Uses Automatic Express Delivery System.