Hot Pot/Shabu-Shabu restaurant Solution Project


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Hong Chiang Hot Pot/Shabu-Shabu restaurant Solution Project Introduction

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Hot Pot/Shabu-Shabu restaurant Solution Project

Automatic hot pot restaurant
Automatic hot pot restaurant

After importing the express delivery system in the Hot Pot restaurant, the vegetable dishes, seafood dishes, drinks, soups and dessert dishes will precisely deliver to the customer, avoiding making mistakes! This system can also help keep the dishes fresh as they are delivered after ordering. Besides, for the “All You Can Eat” restaurants, it will reduce the waste of dishes and control the cost of food effectively!

Restaurant layout
  • Project: Hot Pot/Shabu-Shabu restaurant
  • Equipment measurement: 19m * 1 set
  • Seating capacity: 57 people(Single table: 13 people,Four seater table: 32 people,Six seater table: 12 people)

Restaurant layout

  • Tablet-Ordering SystemAll the dishes will be categorized and showed on the tablet, customers only need to click the images to order everything they like. Restaurants can also customize their dishes packages according to different festivals or promotions!
  • Express Delivery System: After ordering via tablets, the signal will be passed to the kitchen for preparation. Food will be delivered to customer through express delivery train which will return automatically. This system can help minimize personnel cost spending on delivery and avoid delivering to the wrong table! The express delivery system can also deliver heavy soup pot or big platter, and the steady delivery speed can ensure the quality of delivery!


Before VS After Comparison
  • Before the implementing of automatic delivery food system

In the traditional hot pot restaurants, it is common to see customers and waiters/waitresses crossing through the restaurant, leading to an accident easily. You may also simply imagine the extremely food waste happened in “All You Can Eat” style restaurants as customers can take all the dishes without limit. Moreover, the idle time from waiting customers to order consumes very big chunk of the personnel cost!

Before the implementing of automatic delivery food system


  • After the implementing of automatic delivery food system

Importing the express delivery system and self-ordering tablet will minimize the frequency of delivering error or food dropping accidents and avoid waiters/waitresses rushing in the restaurants. This system will promote the real needs of the waiter/waitress and effectively lower the personnel cost. Besides, controlling the amount of the food through the system will help reduce the situation of the waste of food and cost of food. Most importantly, by using the tablet ordering system, customers can order freely without feeling stress from the waiters/waitresses waiting nearby. This ordering system will help you save the money spending on traditional paper menu and can be re-innovated according to different festivals or promotions!

After the implementing of automatic delivery food system