Cupcake Shop Solution Project


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Hong Chiang Cupcake Shop Solution Project Introduction

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Cupcake Shop Solution Project

Automatic cupcake store
Automatic cupcake store

Lovely and colorful cupcakes are always delighted by people. Their different favors, multiple colors and styles have been catching customers’ eyes.
In the past, conveyors are usually used for sushi bars, or hot pots. However, this cupcake shop broke through the stereo type. When it equipped with the chain conveyor, cupcakes on the chain would spin around, just like dancing. In this way, the cupcake shop looks more dynamic, obtaining more attention, and increasing buying interests.

Store layout

  • Project: Dubai Cupcake Shop
  • Equipment measurement: 23x17 meters



  • Chain conveyor: Chain conveyor is used for dessert shops, making the cupcake spin around, and gaining more exposure to customers. After the shop was adopted chain conveyor, cupcake displays were transformed from single side to all angles. What a brilliant way to increase sales and revenues!


Before VS After Comparison
  • Before Adoption:Cupcake shops are in the department stores, so they are open-space. Before the shops are adopted chain conveyors, cupcakes are just putted in the refrigerators, and customers check out after ordering what they want. But, in this way, customers would lose opportunities to see full view of cupcakes, and whole shop design would be less vivid and creative.


  • After Adoption:After shops are equipped with Chain Conveyor, cupcakes will spin around on it. You can see cupcakes in 360 degrees without missing any angle, not just a limited view. We all know that customers are always attracted by dynamitic objects rather than static ones. On one hand, buying interests will be increased, because they could easily pick up what they want on the conveyor. On the other hand, they don’t have to wait next to the refrigerators for making choices, so sales will also be highly pushed up.


This cupcake shop located in Dubai break with tradition to display their products. It not only used Chain Conveyor to catch people’s eyes, but also created a buffet style of picking food instead of typical business strategies. They promote their cupcakes in an interesting and creative way, and thereby increase their sales revenues. It is such a successful case that using automatic equipment in food industry!



Dubai cupcake store uses single deck style chain conveyor