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Hong Chiang's Food Belt Conveyor Trains

Hong Chiang Technology Industry Co., LTD is a sushi belt conveyor train manufacturer from Taiwan. Hong Chiang's food belt conveyor train is suitable for using in restaurants. It helps restaurant owners to reduce labor costs. Along with food conveyor belt train manufacturing, the conveyor belt is also suitable for magnetic object display, which attracts more sales.

Hong Chiang has been offering our customers industrial belt conveyor trains for restaurants since 2004. With both advanced technology and 15 years of experience, Hong Chiang always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.


Product Category

Hong-Chiang is specialized in developing and producing different catering equipment which help restaurants save personnel cost and serving more guests.

Hong-Chiang’s products can be adopted in various places. According to different commands, they can be customized into below categories

1. Automatic Express Delivery System: Use the automatic devices to delivery orders, merchandises or other objects to designated locations, it can save personnel cost and shorten the delivery time.
2. Sushi Conveyors: Use conveyor belts to make dishes or products keep surrounding on the conveyor and customers can pick any dishes and products they like.
3. Display Conveyors: Display products in various angles and let guests can view all products at a spot. It is easier and more convenient to show items.
4. Ordering System: Core of automatic restaurant! Easy ordering and no confusions! It’s also easier to get performance analysis.
5. Automatic Turntables: To meet the commands of private kitchen restaurant and family, they are customized according to customers’ needs.
6. Tableware of Sushi Restaurant: To save time, Hong-Chiang also offers tableware needed.

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