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Hong Chiang's Food Belt Conveyor Trains

Hong Chiang Technology Industry Co., LTD is a sushi belt conveyor train manufacturer from Taiwan. Hong Chiang's food belt conveyor train is suitable for using in restaurants. It helps restaurant owners to reduce labor costs. Along with food conveyor belt train manufacturing, the conveyor belt is also suitable for magnetic object display, which attracts more sales.

Hong Chiang has been offering our customers industrial belt conveyor trains for Bullet Train since 2004. With both advanced technology and 14 years of experience, Hong Chiang always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Bullet Train

Food delivery train system with vehicles move in linear motion

Fun dining system can increase interaction with guests.
Fun dining system can increase interaction with guests.
Drinks can also be shipped safely by Bullet Train.
Drinks can also be shipped safely by Bullet Train.
Delicious hot pot is delivered to the guests.
Delicious hot pot is delivered to the guests.

" Bullet Train Series" can help you to present specific theme that you desire to your customers, by designing different car shapes, or adding interesting accessories, to gain attentions from your customers. You can use the tablet ordering system for a more efficient meal delivery service. When the guest orders the meal, the order will be transferred to the kitchen, and then the service staff will send the meal quickly, and the meal will not only add fun but also be more efficient.

Hong-Chiang also offers custom-made sushi train or car, if you would like to design by yourself, you can provide the design diagram for further discussions. We can help you to build the theme that you desired, such as color, business logo, or shapes…etc.

Hong-Chiang's " Bullet Train Series " using latest Bluetooth technology, far infrared technology, and wireless charging, the delivery car can deliver dishes to designated location, return to the kitchen automatically, and charging it-self without using any excessive power cables. The car itself is a combination of the new-tech!

To summarize Hong-Chiang's " Bullet Train Series " system:

  • Offering precise deliver locations, and increasing turnover rate.
  • The delivery is very smooth, no need to worry about plates spilled.
  • Decreasing the personnel cost by 50%.
  • Avoiding any accidents from manual delivery.
  • Fashion and interesting, and eye-catching.
  • Gaining publicity, and Buzz Marketing.
Optional function

  • Wireless Control Upgrade Module
  • Wireless Charging
  • LED Headlights
  • Sound Reminder

  • Sushi Bullet Train-Sound And Light Reminder

    Sushi Bullet Train-Sinkansen Style

    Sushi Bullet Train-Formula Style

    Sushi Bullet Train-Fashionable Style

    Sushi Bullet Train-Vintage Style

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    Result 1 - 4 of 4